Friday, November 13, 2009

The Tasselettes

Our November meeting was filled with lots of laughter, sharing and stories.  With Annie Hesse’s blessings, Jan lead us in a wonderful and creative afternoon.

IMG_1868 IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867

In lieu of our December meeting, many of our members will be taking tables at the prestigious International Black Doll and Gift Show.  Please stop by and view the wonderful work by these and many more talented artists.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Tasselettes

Annie Hesse taught a wonderful Tasselette workshop at Art Is...You and on the tail of this workshop the 3D Club will continue to create and teach other members at the next meeting.

Join us on Saturday, November 7 2009 at the Dole Center.

New Members always welcome.

Friday, October 16, 2009

National Cloth Doll Challenge

The National Cloth Doll Challenge coordinated by the Mount Vernon Cloth Doll Club has concluded with their final (official) showing at Art Is…You

The winners of the 3-D Cloth Doll Club 2009 Challenge are as follows -

1st Prize Scholarship to Gwen Jackson 

Cedric on the log

2nd Prize Scholarship to Naomi Weston

Father and Daughter


3rd  Prize and $100.00 cash prize to Missy Munro  


4th . Prize  of $75.00 to Minnie Curry

Aunt Lula at the Beach Prize of $50.00 to Doris Sutton

Uncle Johnny

The Peoples Choice award with a prize from Doll Makers Journey of a Gift Certificate of $100.00 to Doris Sutton.

We want to thank everyone that helped with the Challenge and congratulate those that  entered  the Challenge.  There is an award ribbon being given to each person for completing the challenge.  This was hard work and a great job was done by everyone.

 3-D Challenge Dolls2009 011

# 1


Quilted Mixed Media

From a pattern but with all my own creative style Art Doll

Pattern by Kooki Davis

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 012 




Aunt Lula is a sassy senior that loves President Obama.  Health Reform is her newest initiative.  She campaigns at the beach where she volunteers as a lifeguard.  

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 014


YES I CAN  -  THE GRADUATE  - By Barbara Fridie        

Soft cloth art doll

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 015  


YES I CAN – By Sylvia Landau

“Oh Yes I Can” an original design of mixed media.  I have been a crafts person for my entire life; sewing led to mosaics, enameling and the creating of gold and silver jewelry.  I studied stone sculpting until I discovered my true love …soft sculpture doll making. 

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 018



Nadia is an original design.  After a long sleep Nadia, the fairly of hope and change awakens to find a new beginning to embrace.  As she yawns and stretches a hand, it is extended so that others may embrace the change.

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 020


YES I CAN – by Naomi Weston

Father and Daughter at the Presidential Address.             

Mixed Media Art Dolls

 3-D Challenge Dolls2009 021 


YES I CAN – By Sharon Ray

Ms Eleanor, my first doll made from cloth. Isn’t she dynamic holding her butterfly with her head held up high.  Awaiting her debut, yes I will she says – I can do this.  I am ready to embrace the change.  So move over girls I’ joining the party.

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 024 


YES I CAN – Doris Sutton

Ann is a doll made from Australian Aboriginal Cloth Doll workshop on needle sculpting.  I have advanced my doll making skills.  She is on her way to a party.  Girlfriend is all “dolled up” with her lavender nails to coordinate to her party dress. Oh yes she can Party hardy!

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 026



African Queen Quilted

The changes in this work of Art reflex how I embrace the change

Quilted Mixed Media Art Doll

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 027



Granddaddy AKA Papa John

Granddaddy would always have a story to tell about when he was a little boy and when he was in the Army traveling to foreign countries.

He was a man who was willing to embrace the change in life.

3-D Challenge Dolls2009 028



Cedric is a 200 years old man that  is the results of a needle sculpture cloth doll workshop.  He sits on the log of life enjoying the changes he has embraced.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spotlight on a Club Member: Naomi Shelnut

Naomi2 Naomi Shelnut was recently awarded the April Quilter of the Month by the Empire Quilters Guild in NYC. Naomi began quilting close to 20 years ago when her husband was ill. Naomi would stay up late working on quilt blocks (mostly appliqué) and embroidery as well. She tried her hand at many textile related art forms while she shepherded her husband through chemo and radiation. Naomi joined Empire in the early 1990’s shortly after her husband passed away. She shifted her focus to dollmaking about ten years ago and has been particularly interested in making dolls of African descent as well as stuffed animals. Naomi is a member of Quilters of Color Network NY — where she recently led an African Queen by Kooki Davis workshop, as well as a member of The City Quilter Doll Club, and the 3D Doll Club of Mount Vernon. Her daughter Stacey, Director of Education at Sacramento Museum of Art in California, loves everything her does — including Naomi’s favorite doll: The Storyteller!

To view a full gallery of Naomi’s work visit: the Empire Quilters Guild

3-D Cloth Doll Club of Mount Vernon, NY

The 3-D Cloth Doll Club of Mount Vernon is a community based Cloth Doll Club providing inspiration and creative opportunities.  We stand by the three D's - Dynamite Designing Divas!

The members experience the joy of learning and teaching Cloth Doll making in a sharing atmosphere.  Building confidence and pride, each member is encouraged to share his or her personal talent and ideas rending multi media works of art.

The group welcomes experienced  and beginner doll makers.  Sewing knowledge recommended or the willingness to learn encouraged!

Our meetings, are held on the first Saturday of the month.  They are energetic, heartwarming, comforting and a transforming event.

Meetings held at the Shelton E. Dole Center 250 So 6th Avenue Mount Vernon 10550